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Andrew's Nursery Rhymes and Rhymes

A book for children full of wonderful nursery rhymes
and artwork that will bring endless enjoyment to all.
Strange Tales


A Collection of wonderful written short stories.
If You Could Be an Animal, What Would it Be?


​A book about children describing their favorite animals and their desire to be this animal. A wonderfully enlightened book of childhood fantasies.
 The Last Coming
“The Last Coming” a beautiful masterpiece written by Andrew Grey, brings to fiction the Last days of humankind.
Peter, the main character, is an ordinary man who is chosen to stand against a murderous gang of beasts.
At a height of nearly 14 feet, these beasts do not hesitate to rip humans apart and burn them to ashes. The battle of Peter that starts shyly from a dream makes quickly its progression into a horrifying reality that will not leave the readers emotionally untouched.
But, if one rapidly concludes that the goal of the book is simply to entertain its audience with a new story, then one should think twice.
            The “Last Coming” offer readers a combination of biblical teachings as well as an inspiration for their life struggles..
The Eyecer 
 A wonderful written comic story. The main character who have the  ability freeze objects,  people, animals, etc. with his eyes.
Love and Passion and Other Poems.

Nicely written poems about love, passion and other poetry.
Last Summer 
Last summer is a nice story that kids will enjoy. In the book kids tell their friends what they did for the summer.
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The Server: A mystery, thriller is such a great book by Andrew Grey.

When this guy served justice, it was indeed painful.

How far will a man go for something he believes in?

Mind  Ripper
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The Wreck

The wreck, where crime, betrayal, murder, lies, and hate is a part of life. The Wreck also deals with various issues drugs, prostitution and racism.

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Reggie, AKA Mind Ripper, a college football star player, was beaten unconscious by a local neighbourhood gang after not throwing the game, causing the leader To lose a lot of money on a bet. He was chosen to participate In a program called MRP, which gave him special powers.

Mr. Goode
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Dirt Sam

Sam became Dirt Sam and possessed the

 power of dirt after being buried alive by his

 sister detective boyfriend and his two police

 associates and came in contact with some

 experimental material that fell from a truck

 transporting items from a research lab.


Killer Dragon

Keisha Williams, a cryptozoologist who went to Indonesia after the news of a possible sighting of a mysterious lizard like animal. During the hunt for the animal, she was bitten by a lizard like animal. She was then taken to a lab and administered an anti-venom vaccine, something went horribly wrong as it causes her to mutate into a terrifying, killing monster that she cannot control, and it will unleash hell on her hometown of Blue City.

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Jason, AKA Mr. Goode, An astronaut, went on a space mission with three astronauts, including his best friend, Tony. The ship ended up crashing. Leaving only two survivors, Jason and his friend Tony. They were given some liquid that healed their Injuries and gave them special powers.


The Light

On the anniversary of his parent’s

death, a distraught and drunken Brian

inadvertently flew his scientist uncle’s

super advance spaceship to

another planet, where he met a super

being who gave him powers after he

overcame a challenge.

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