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Love And Passion And Other Poems 

ANDREW’S Nursery Rhymes and Rhymes



I thought of you last night
When I saw the red rose.
It was your favorite,
I remember when we used to sit
By the river and I used
To put red rose in your ear
And gently kiss you on the lips,
Though we are apart
Thoughts of you still remain in my heart,
Sitting by the river candlelight dinner,
Looking at the moon rise,
On a summer's night,
Smell of a certain perfume.
Your memory never seems to die
Though it's been an eternity
Since you been by my side.




I Write

I write to ease this pain
I write to achieve fame
I write so the world will
Know my name
I write to tell a story
I write for glory
I write because I can
I write, I write because
That's who I am.

Peter Said, ''look I had a dream about the Last coming with the beast. Last coming is the last days of humankind, I have been seeing signs, the devil is here on earth and he is attacking people with his army.


The Last Coming 

I am still having nightmares; I see that thing in my sleep I cannot sleep man, that thing ripped that guy apart I hid I was scared, man, I have never seen anything like that before, it burned him to death. It was not human. I know it sounds crazy – some creature or something is here man and it's killing us.”

Frank said, “Brian is this some type of joke, man?  We the FBI, you do not jerk around with us. “Are you crazy?” 

The beast said, “Shut up. What God are you praying to?  You need to get on your knees pastor and every one, if you want to live.”

Pastor said to the beast, “Is this some type of joke or what? Are you all putting on some type of show?  We only worship God.”

The beast began to laugh. 

“You worship God?” the beast said. “Answer this, pastor. Is He going to save you and all these people tonight? Everyone get down on your knees if you want to live, why isn't your precious God not saving you from all this heartache, pain and suffering? Where's your Savior? 

You worship something you cannot see. Look at all these people dying, war and diseases. There is no God.


“You see all this equipment, and this operating table,” The Server said.

“Man, you are crazy,” Alan said. “Turn me into the cops.”

The Server said, “I will in due time but only when I am finished with you."

Alan said, “Don’t do this.”

“People like you, I have seen a lot of your kind,” The Server said. “The devil up close and personal.”

Alan said, “Go to hell man.”

“Who knows maybe I will, so I'll meet you there one day,” The Server said.

Alan said, “You don’t know what I been through.”

“I don’t care what you’ve been through,” The Server said. “Time to feel some pain, time for justice.”


This is the the story of Rick.
Rick was skinnier than a stick
One day he ran too quick.
He fell and hit a brick…
He split apart and broke his mother’s heart.
That’s all,
Thanks for reading the tale of Rick’s big fall.    
Jake in the Sky
Jake Jake is so high. Jake why you went to live in the sky. Jake Jake come back for your own sake. Jake if your house fall, you and it will break.

Sam: “You think I had something to do with his murder did you tell the cops that?”

Andrea: “.No baby, ok I know you aint like that lets drop it.”

Sam: “Let me go ahead and take you home, because I have to meet with Officer David.”

Andrea: “Ok baby.” Sam drops Andrea off, 20 minutes later he is at the station. 


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