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Andrew Vision Works

                                                      Welcome to Andrew Vision Works!

What is Andrew Vision Works?

Andrew Vision Works is a Vision that was developed by Andrew Grey, he is a children’s, comic book and storybook writer. Here at Andrew Vision Works, you can purchase interesting and exciting stories and comics for your children that are designed in an artistic and colorful way to catch the attention of your children and aid in the development of their brains. Studies show that colors and interesting pictures stimulate the brain of your children and help in its growth. Keeping this in mind, Mr. Grey has developed his books in such a way that it helps children grow and learn.

The difficulty of vocabulary in each storybook varies according to the needs of your children and is designed to add to their existing vocabulary. This means that while your children are enjoying the entertainment of reading a book, they’ll also get to learn new and interesting words to make their language skills stronger and more powerful.

Furthermore, each book is equipped with a life moral that enables your children to become a better version of themselves. It’s important to develop healthy habits in children starting from a very young age because that’s when children pick up habits and hobbies pretty easily. Keeping this in mind, it’s highly recommended to develop a healthy reading habit in your children.

Key features:

  • Interesting and artistic drawings and animations

  • Vocabulary aid – teaches your children new words

  • Integrated life moral in each book

  • Easy to read text and font

  • Reasonable prices

  • High-quality papers that won’t erode away easily

Going beyond books

Not only this, here at Andrew Vision Works, we also have interesting nursery rhymes and music that your children will enjoy, written and developed by the amazing Andrew Grey himself! Nursery rhymes and music are a children’s favorite. Some children even prefer them over story books as they’re more interesting and easier to read and listen to. They also stick to the mind with no difficulty. It’s a great idea to teach children the days of the weeks or the months of the year using music or some poem because that way, it’s going to stay in their minds for longer and they’re likely to learn more efficiently when they’re actually interested in what they’re hearing.

A Little About the Author Himself

Andrew Grey is a comic book and storybook writer who was born in Jamaica and raised in a small town named Green Hill. Being a single father of two children, Andrew understands how important it is to start nourishing the minds of young children from a very young age. Approaching and making children learn at a young age can be difficult. Therefore, Andrew has developed the Andrew Vision Works in order to help children learn in a creative and interesting way.

Andrew is a dedicated writer with a passion for music, writing and exploring different places. His goal is to entertain people through his writings, which he has successfully been doing so!

                              THE      BOOKS

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